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Articles Published in Society of Engineers for Rural Development, Nepal (SERDEN)

SERDEN 2018. Haapala, J. & Shah R.
Installation of Improved Cooking Stoves significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Case RVWRMP

SERDEN 2018. Yadav, D.K.
Cooperatives became a mileage of UCs in sustainable operation of water services.

SERDEN 2018. Tirwa, R.
Fighting the discriminating chaupadi practice with music.

SERDEN 2018. Bhatta, M.
Developing Women as Decision-Makers (In Nepali)

SERDEN 2018. Shrestha, N. & Joshi, K.
Initiating Water Quality Ensuring Mechanism of RVWRMP, Bajhang

SERDEN 2018. Joshi K.
Nothing is impossible if done, a success story on total sanitation, Bajhang.

SERDEN 2018. Subedi, S.
On the new Labour Act in Nepal. (In Nepali)

SERDEN 2016, Parikshit Shrestha:

Coping with Climate Uncertainty in Rural Water Supply Systems: RVWRMP Experiences

SERDEN 2016, Roshan Shah:            Inclusive and Gender-Balanced Community Participation as an Essential Element for the Successful Implementation of Micro-hydro Power Projects

SERDEN 2016, Sushil Subedi, Pallab Nepal:

Water Use Master Plan: A Gateway to Integrated Water Resource Management in Small-scale Watershed Area

SERDEN 2015, Deo Krishna Yadav:

A Case Study: Contribution of Cooperative to

Sustain Water Services Schemes

SERDEN 2014, Parikshit Shrestha:

Structural Disinfection through Shock Chlorination in Rural Water Supply Schemes for Safe Water

SERDEN 2013, Raju Shrestha:

RVWRMP is Fulfilling the Multiple Thirst of Rural People

Reseach Publications and Reports

Internal Studies and Surveys

Pamela White, Sunita Sharma, Sunil Kumar Das. 2013. Culture Clash: Menstruation taboos and ODF in Nepal

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